Origins of Forbidder

It all started in Middle school... a friend and me were just starting to get into bulletin board systems back in the old days where BBSes existed and the internet didn't... when modems were for the geeks and windows 3.0 was out and everyone still used dos 5... My friend started his own Bulletin Board system called starQuest (this was the final name as it had gone through 3 major name changes.) I was the CoSysOp... co-system operator... as he was the system operator... SysOp... And on these bulletin board systems were messages, files, and most importantly... door games.... (they were named door games because it was a door to another program which took over and the users were plunged into a program remotely) I played all of them... at times there would be 30 up... and I would play all of them... I'd even play doors on other systems also... I was an addict. In each and every one of these doors, you were allowed to create characters to use... the first one I tried... I sat for a while deciding what I thought would be a cool name that sounded slightly dark.. but not too evil... Then it hit me... Forbidder! that was my name. For my whole door playing life... I used that name and build that character... Forbidder was honest, noble, righteous. Honorable and selfless. He helps the weak and protects the innocent... The true hero. I identified with that character and grew a bond with him. He is my alter ego... my other side... the woodsy outdoorsman who has unlimited gadgets that he uses to help save the world... And that name has been with me through the ages... and now I am he, and he is me. We are one.

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