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Future Enhancement (TM) is a shareware production company. It concentrates on producing shareware programs in DOS. Currently it is small and has a limited staff, but in the future we would be starting a new category. This new category would allow personalized programs to be made for specific tasks. This company was created in 1994 and has been creating many programs since. Here at Future Enhancements, our motto is "The FUTURE is in Your Hands." If you have any questions then contact the director through e-mail.


Please note that many of these programs are very old, and written and compiled for a dos based system, I do not know how they will hold up against these newer operating system and protected mode running.  I shall be releasing newer shareware out in the future.


WinZip Now Please note that all these files are compressed in the .ZIP format, to uncompress you will need a .ZIP extractor.

Program Description

File Size (bytes)

Date Released

Ansi To Wildcat Converter Version 1.3. 36,740 03/15/95
Area Code Version 1.0: Find Out If Numbers Are Local To Your Area.. 134,842 12/28/94
Activity Log Reader Version 1.0: For Wildcat In Reverse Time Order.. 33,552 12/28/94
Dos Imatations In Basic Source Code.. 20,737 12/28/94
Make Your Computer Play A Sound At Boot Up. 50,154 12/28/94
Bug Off Version 1.0: Get Rid Of Those Annoying Bugs.. 22,320 12/28/94
Clown You: Now Your Computer Gets It's Own Little Personality And Clowns You.. 22,607 12/28/94
Datatalk Version 1.5: Door That Allows Users To Talk To A Sort Of Ai.. 79,705 07/03/95
File Encoder Version 1.3: Encode And Decode Files With Password.. 22,744 08/02/98
Future Enhancements Information File. 18,831 07/19/95
Graph Paper Maker Version 1.0. 25,816 12/28/94
Go To A Directory Directly Version 1.0: Forget About Changing Directories Ever Again.. 30,261 01/03/96
Human Calculations Per Second Version 1.0: How Many Calculations Can You Do?. 133,091 12/28/94
Lucky Numbers Version 1.0: Number Game.. 132,704 12/28/94
Disgusting Monsters And Deadly Ghouls Version 1.2: Game. 152,709 02/18/95
Mouse Draw Version 1.1. 131,988 12/28/94
Memory Improving Game Version 1.0. 24,119 12/28/94
Noise Maker Version 1.0: Mouse Required.. 131,120 12/28/94
Password Generator Version 1.0. 24,027 12/28/94
Remote Drop To Dos Version 1.0 Test. 24,615 12/28/94
Super Grapher Version 1.001. 141,392 12/28/94
Secret Messenger Version 1.01. 131,783 12/28/94
Startrek In Ansi Version 1.0. 129,558 12/28/94
Startrek Warp Time Differential. Dual Clock.. 22,502 12/28/94
Target Practice Version 1.1. 143,808 12/28/94
Test Key For Programmers Version 1.0: Displays The Ascii Code Of Key Pressed.. 23,807 12/28/94
Wildcat Code To Ansi Converter Version 1.3. 23,556 12/28/94
Wildcat Code Reader Version 1.1 Displays A Wildcat Code Cat Screen. 22,229 12/28/94
Wildcat Color Code Utility Version 1.0 Wc2a, A2wc, Wccr All Combined.. 51,364 08/29/95
Who Has Called Version 1.8 Callers Listing Program. 61,429 07/19/95
Who Has Called Version 1.99 Beta, Supports More Than Just Wildcat.. 67,179 03/17/96

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