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Ralf Brown's Interrupt List Online
Ralf Brown's Interrupt List Online(2)


theForger's Win32 API Tutorial

Game Programming

NeHe Productions Main Page

Network Programming

Beej's Guide to Network Programming



C/C++ Programming

Sorry if these links are more general
I learned C/C++ a long time ago.
Also this is my preferred Language.

C Syntax
C Function List
General C Documentation

C++ Tutorial


My mothertounge, the first serious
programming language that I used.

Free Pascal Reference Guide


It's all been taken over
by Visual Basic Scripting.  If you know
VBScript, BASIC isn't hard pick up. 

Visual Basic Script Reference Guide


Something about Java just irks me.
But that doesn't stop me from learning it.

Java Tutorial

Java Syntax
Java Class/Function Reference

Perl Programming

Great for dynamic web applications
through CGI.  Also great for reports on data
due to the powerful string parsing REs.

Perl Syntax
Perl Subroutine Syntax
Perl Builtin Functions
General Perl Documentation

PHP Programming

Dynamic web content, like ASP or JSP,
but more popular.  ASP uses VBScript,
and JSP uses Java, PHP is more a merge
of Perl and C.

PHP Syntax (Read  #10 - #18)
PHP Functions
General PHP Manual


Quick recursive language.
Popular in AI, requires a different
kind of thinking.

Lisp Primer


You want to get started programming?
You'll need some compilers, go
here and grab the one you want.

Free Compilers and Interpreters

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