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Slashdot news forum

Arstechnica news forum
NewsNow IT

Here are some links to get you started on Zero Point Energy.  ZPE exists, it's been measured a la Casmir Effect and others, that much everyone agrees on, whether we can derive useful energy from it is the question.

Also on a related note, black light power offers hydrinos.  What are these?  Check them out.

Up to date information on ZPEnergy

A company site on Zero Point Energy
Zero Point Field Theory

Cold Fusion, it ain't bunk anymore!

Wikipedia article

Hey check out what's happening on Gravity!
American Antigravity

Eugene Podkletnov
Gravity Paper
Ning Li

Quantum Computing?  Cool!

Introduction to Quantum Computing
How Stuff Works Explains
Quantum Computer Emulator


Space Elevator

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