Gravity as an Extension of Electricity

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With the recent discoveries dealing with superconductors and the unusual phenomenonís in dealing with gravitational shielding from superconductors, one would assume there must be some fundamental properties connecting the gravitational phenomenon with the currently understood electrical and magnetic ones.One experiment that I have read about on the Internet and researched deeply into the validity of the experiment, is the one done by the scientist Podkletnov circa 1992.This experiment was dealing with superconductors and radio wave bombardment, but they noticed strange behavior of the smoke rising above their test device.This led them to conduct measurements eventually leading to some theoretical stuff about gravity.


In this paper I will theoretically explore a possible model, extending electrical properties to cover gravitational ones, and evaluate its usefulness.


When we see electricity we often think or the electron or proton.These two fundamental atomic particles are the basis of atoms, which build molecules, which eventually lead to macro-molecular matter.While electrons have a negative charge, and protons have a positive charge, they can both be expressed as an abundance of charge, or a lack of charge.These particles are comprised of the quarks with different spins.


We can extend this to describe gravity.The fundamental particles can be called gravitons.These particles have never been proven to exist, and a good question is why they havenít been found yet if they do exist?The answer is that gravity is very likely a subatomic effect, like how electricity is an atomic effect.Because of the limitations of technology we have not yet been able to fully explore the world at a sub-atomic level, but recently there is a spur of research focusing in the field of gravity.


Of course all this work is highly theoretical, but it seems a reasonable and logical conclusion from the available data at this time.We can derive much from the gravitational shielding effect that occurred when a super-conducting disk was spinning and bombarded with RF energy.If gravitons interact with matter on a quantum level, then we can explain the results of that incident.Basically the molecular structure of the disks changed to one where it is much closer together, where the nucleus of one atom is very close to the nucleus of the next.Due to the large atoms most super conductors are made from, their valance shells are further away from the nucleus and have less resistance when a electron is removed.Allowing electrons on the surface of the materials to move with ease, hence the property of superconductivity.


With this close knit atomic structure, and a bombardment of high-energy electrons from the RF energy, we have a very dense surface filled with fast moving electrons.It is possible that gravity fields are being shielded from the gravity generated by earth.Though the superconductor and electrons are generating gravity by itself, if the amount of gravity they shield is greater than the gravity they generate then they would effectively shield gravity.


Matter must have these gravity shielding effects, but due to the porous nature of matter when dealing with a quantum level field, the amount of matter needed the shield an object from gravity is often enough matter to overcome the effects of the gravity shielding itself.


But matter that is cooled to the point of superconductivity just might be dense enough to provide some shielding, and add to it electrons moving with high energy all around the superconductor.The electrons in conjunction with the superconductor may block off enough gravitational fields to create a measurable gravitational effect.Especially because the electrons may move fast enough to block off more gravitational waves than it would when it is stationary or moving slowly.Add to that the fact that the electron is such a small particle that it does not generate a substantial amount of gravity itself.


I suppose we can also see a parallel effect when we have lead blocking EM waves.With enough lead EM waves are blocked, but lead doesnít generate EM waves itself thus we can block EM much more easily than blocking gravity.Since just about everything generates gravity, as long as it has mass.I suppose if we discover some anti mass, we can use that to block gravity with greater ease.And if we find a gravity conducting material we would be able to block gravity as easily as we can block EM waves with a faraday cage.


With gravity conducting materials, gravity shielding and gravity generating may become a trivial.A gravity conducting material would have the same applications as an electrical conductor to electricity.Gravity would flow well with less resistance through a gravity conductor.Gravitational fields can be shielded by a gravity conducting plate.This effect is just like how steel plates block EM fields.To generate gravity, we can probably rotate mass about some gravity conducting coils.


A gravity conducting material must have certain qualities.A mass at one end of the conductor will gravitationally affect masses at the other end more than what we expect due to distance.In theory the conductor will basically allow gravity fields to be focused and travel more easily to the other side.Gravity conductors must allow gravitons to move freely among its material like how copper lets electrons move easily on the wire.We know that gravitons attract gravitons, hence why we experience gravity.We donít know if there is any anti-graviton particles, but due to the dualistic nature of the universe I must hypothesize that there are.Gravitational permeability must be pretty constant through a vacuum, since gravity is a quantum force, most of the world would likely appear to be a vacuum to it.


How can we experimentally prove that gravity is a quantum level force, it is possible that we can find some of the heaviest atomic elements, to see if gravity above them is different from gravity below them.Though the mass from such a heavy element may generate enough gravity to cancel out any measurable gravity that it shields.There has been the one experiment that showed a superconductor spinning and being bombarded by RF shielded gravity.We can try that again and have some verification.We can also try other methods where it uses many electrons moving at high velocities over a small area to see if this gravity shielding effect can be observed.


To make experimenting easier, if one can create multi-layered superconductors, stick in a environment with lots of free floating electrons, and bombard the superconductor with RF energy to excite the electrons, it might be able to generate more of a effect and be easier to measure than a single disk. The spinning of the superconductor may also be necessary to get the already high-energy electrons on the superconductor to move fast enough to intercept enough gravitational fields before it passes through the width of the disk.


Another experiment is to create a lot of high-energy plasma, knowing that the stuff inside plasma is moving at high velocities, we may be able to measure a significant change in gravity immediately above the plasma due to the plasma shielding it.


If these experiment works, then we may be able to try this without the superconductor, to have a electron saturated space experience enough RF of the right frequency to move the electrons fast enough to shield gravity.


The frequency of the RF that is used may in fact be very important, perhaps if the frequency is too high, the electrons move too fast and canít absorb the field fast enough before it is move, or if the frequency is too low, the electrons may not catch enough gravitational fields so too many slip by.Since low RF is easier to generate than high RF, I would suggest a low to high sweep as an experiment to find the optimal frequency.Perhaps gravity has a natural frequency?


We have gravitons in all matter that has mass, in fact if we can manipulate gravitons then we can possibly create strong yet lightweight materials by taking a very dense, heavy material, and absorbing the gravitons out of it.This can have a myriad of possible applications that I wonít go into.This would be a material science aspect, which I have less background in.


However using gravity conductors we can create gravitational shields.We may be able to generate a gravitational shield with a cloud of high-energy electron plasma.Of course just the ability to negate gravity or shield it is not enough, we would have a need to be able to generate it.Since we have sources of gravity, the problem may be solved as simply as finding a way to magnify the gravitational force.Maybe focus it or use an effect similar to the principle in lasers.Create a Gaser. Perhaps we have a gravity shield on the bottom, and a partial gravity shield on the other side, and a gravity conductor in the middle.We would then continually pump gravity into this chamber and the gravity will build up either in the shields or in the chamber and then when it overcomes the partial gravity shield then the output gravity would be much greater than the input gravity.


Perhaps we can create a graviton flow, by having coils of gravity conductors, and then moving a gravitationally attracting material across the coil.And then we can use that flow much like how we use electricity.Create gravitational emitters, with antennas of sorts, or receivers that can be used to detect gravity.Maybe have a gravitational transistor to create circuits with gravity.This may provide answers to the questions of new non-propellant propulsion, or artificial gravity generation, or temporal manipulations.


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