Essay on Life(Brainstorm)


            What is the purpose of life?  Why do we live such short spans and die?  Why do we even bother to try if the result in the end is the same, we die.  The simplest answer is that we have been put on this earth for a reason that we do not know.  A supreme force, or being has placed us on this earth in order to fulfill some goal.  This answer can work, but it is very shallow.


            What do I propose?  Of course we should live life to the fullest and enjoy the most of it.  How can we do this when we go from day to day trying to finish our daily mundane tasks?  We rush through life always busy with tasks left and right, never having a moment of rest.  Why do we do this?  Most of the time we do this for our jobs, in order to earn more money and to raise a family.  Other times we start projects too large or start too many of them.  What happens when we are too overwhelmed?  Stress disorders, anxiety attacks, nervous breakdowns and similar disfunctions could occur.  On the other hand what happens when we donít have any goals, plans, or purpose?  Depression, apathy, and atrophy can occur.  What people must learn to do is to balance their goals, and projects and allot enough time for them.


            The most important thing about living as a human being is that the human body needs much attention and energy to maintain.  From daily exercise, to food, to sleep, many hours must be spent to maintain health.  At least a third of our day is taken up with sleep, another two or so hours are dedicated to nurishment, at least an hours worth for our hygiene.  And how about the time that should be spent exercising that many people neglect?  It has come to a point where our health is second to our wealth.  This may seem like a satisfactory way to live, but in the long run it would cause many health problems.  So half the day must be spent on maintaining the human body. And then comes work.  Most people have to make a living which takes up 8 hours a day for many people.  What does that leave people, 4 hours left each days for projects and activities.  That isnít much time for anything.


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