Higher Dimensional Electrons

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If you consider that they can create matter from a lot of energy, or how particles and antiparticles pop out from nowhere, only to mix together and annihlate each other a few instants later, the idea that matter is really just energy with different properties is pretty much a given.  I wanted to clarify something I wrote. In another document.

Lets start with the atom, smallest indivisible part that still exhibits the properties of that element.  Around the atom is the Electron shell I've mentioned.  Classical theories has the electron orbiting, or in a solid shell around the nucleus, but more modern theories, and data from experiments show that the electrons are really probability densities from the nucleus.  With the probability of the electron a certain distance away from the nucleus higher than any other distances, and having a periodic repeat (energy levels of the electrons)  This is how we observe it in three dimensions.  In higher dimensions, the electrons may simply be orbiting around the nucleus a la planets orbiting a star.  However while the electrons are far away in the higher dimensions, we can not observe them.  Once they have traversed that dimension and are closer to us, we can once again observe them.  But the new position of the electron makes it appear that the electron jumped.

Lets take a simplification example.  Lets view our solar system, taking earth as an example, we find it orbiting the sun.  Assume we have a race of two dimensional dwellers, who's plane of existence is perpendicular to the orbital plan of earth. (Draw the orbit as a circle, and then use a sheet of paper to slice the circle in half.)  The dwellers will see earth appear in their dimensional plane every 182.6211 days, very often in two particular locations, and the rest of the time they can't observe earth.  In fact, lets modify the temporal perception of these dwellers so that every 182.6211 days is a nanosecond or so to them.  Now we can see that they can't really observe earth directly at all since it is never in their plane long enough.  They can tell there is an earth from the gravitational influence of earth on the other bodies in space, but they can't detect earth except for about 1/182 of a nanosecond every nanosecond.  In fact, to them, they can prove the existence of earth, but they can not pinpoint earth without stopping it in their plane, but they would loose all information about the momentum of earth.  They can measure the momentum and travel pattern of earth in their two dimension (project the position of earth on their two dimensions using linear algebra), but they won't be able to get an exact position because earth won't be in their plane.  So now earth will appear to to bounce back and forth across the sun, but the further away in the higher third dimension earth is, the fuzzier and less probability earth will appear to be at that point in their projections.

It is hard to conceptualize in the fourth spatial dimension, but the behavior or electrons in three dimensions are almost a perfect match of how earth were to behave in two dimensions.  But assume that electrons orbiting a nucleus of an atom in higher dimensions will result in the probability density of the electron cloud around an atom in three dimensions.  Now imagine that electron were to absorb enough energy to break off its orbit and travel away.  We know that an electron will have a wave particle type of behavior.  So in the higher dimensions, the electrons were knocked out of orbit by another particle (imagine a really large planetoid hitting earth very slowly, but enough that it pushes earth out of orbit and shooting away into outer space.)  Lets bound our universe so once earth travels far away enough it will wrap around, as if the ends of the universe were a computer screen and if you went off one end you'd just pop up on the other side of the screen.  So earth shoots off, most likely not in the same plane as our dwellers, so they observe the influence of earth shrinking, but when earth reaches far away enough it wraps around and comes back from the other side, so our dwellers will see earth's influence growing and growing.  And then to shrink and shrink once again as earth passes through their plane. (looks wave like).  Earth will have a general direction of travel in their plane so it will appear to travel in a straight line to them, but with wave like effects.

Lets say these dwellers put up a single slit for earth to pass through in their plane.  So as earth hits the hole of the slit it goes straight through, but since the slit is made out of other particles (planets and suns), earth will be under the influence of their gravity.  Now lets make this a beam of billions of earths passing through, some through the dead center, will experience zero net force, going straight through, the ones on the fringes will be affected by the gravity of the edge, and be spread out.  Hence a straight beam, will become a curved front.  Now upon hitting the screen these dwellers set up, some planetoids will hit the screen in their plane, and others will be outside of their plane while they hit, creating bands where the planets hit, and bands where they don't.  Lets add another slit and have two slits.  So a single beam hits both these slits, and two curved fronts of planetoids will form.  Each of these fronts will have places where it hits the screen in plane and places where they hit the screen out of plane.  There will be places where both fronts hit in plane at the same time, and places where both will not hit in plane, along with places where only one will hit in plane.  This amazingly describes what the single and dual slit interference experiment exhibit.

Moving on to light, with no mass, but pure energy, say that earth was traveling parallel to the dweller's plane, but not on it.  The plane dwellers will never be able to touch or observe earth physically, it won't be matter.  But they can observe the effects of earth on other planets and stars.  We take light speed to be constant, so to use our example correctly, earth and any other planetoids must all move at constant dweller plane speed.  From this requirement we can see that earth moving parallel to the dweller plane will have the lowest velocity (lowest energy), as we change the angle that earth moves at relative to the dweller plane, it will exhibit higher and higher velocity in order to maintain constant dweller plane velocity.  And we will also see that the frequency in which the effect of earth's gravity on the dweller plane lower and raise will increase as the velocity increases (increased frequency means shorter wavelength and increased velocity is higher energy).  Soon we reach such an high velocity that the earth is passing through dweller plane nearly perpendicular to the plane.  To the dwellers it may appear that the earth has solidified (is matter again) but we can never move this solidified version of earth at that constant speed which they call light speed, any increase in energy will only solidify it more.  They will need to change the angle in which earth passes through their plane in order to get it to behave more like energy once again (try to move something in the third dimension with only tools in two.)  How can these dwellers change the earth particle back to the earth energy and having incredible speeds?  No matter how much force, or movement they do in the two dimensions, they can never change the third dimensional movement.  But it is possible to borrow the higher dimensional fields of other particles to change the higher dimension path of earth.  This feat will be quite tough though.  You will need precise timing, and positioning to have the gravitational field of other planets and stars affect the earth in the third dimension.  You can't just place a star system next to earth and hope to change the angle.  One thing is that earth is currently traveling at such a high velocity and contains so much kinetic energy that gravity of a star system located on the dweller plane will not affect the earth's trajectory.  The velocity means that the influence will only be there for a fraction of a moment, and it will probably take eons before enough cumulative effects start to show up in dweller planes macroscopic world.  What they need is another planet that is in phase with earth, so that the gravitational force will be experienced over a longer duration.  At the same time just placing the two planets next to each other will only cause them to attract closer together, what you need is to bring the planet towards earth when earth is at certain locations in the third dimension, so you end up vibrating the pulling planet.

Now why can't earth move at the speed of light in the plane?  It can, but it's very rare, almost like tachyons.  We need to introduce another idea, obviously the plane dwellers are made of particles from the three dimensions.  But they only experience two.  If we were to have every particle in the dweller plane move in synchronization with each other in the third dimension, then we will see that the plane sweeps through the third dimension.  Now for earth to move in the plane, it would need to be synchronized with the plane.  And for matter to coexists and influence each other, the third dimension would have to be really short, or all the matter that makes up the dweller plane must be pretty synchronized, for any out of phase particle would eventually move out of the plane and it would take a long time to catch up with the plane from the other side.  However if you consider that particles near each other will draw each other together, then we can see how particles in the plane may be close enough together to form orbits, which would keep most of the matter in plane or near it.  And this also brings up the idea that there is a lot of matter that isn't in the plane, yet it will have an effect on the matter in the plane.

Referring back to the idea that the energy of light being based on it's wavelength (inversely proportional), then because there is so much more energy in matter, the wavelength of of matter must be really really short (to the point that it's solid instead of waves).  To convert energy into matter will require massive amounts of energy, and will also have some energy release.  Imagine the earth traveling parallel to the plane, and first we have to speed it up so that we can change the angle without changing the speed at which earth is traveling at according to the plane.  As we change the path of the earth to be perpendicular to the plane we will see it moving faster and faster.  Now we have a particle, I mean planet moving perpendicular to the plane but has so much energy it spends the majority of the time far away in higher dimensions, we need it to dump the energy as it is in our dimension.  So we setup some kind of oscillating particles so that when earth is coming towards the plane, it won't experience any forces, but as it is leaving, it will experience a lot of gravitational force.  This will in effect pull that other planet further from the plane, and slows earth down a little.  If that particle hasn't broke free of the forces keeping the plane cohesive, then it will orbit faster and further away.  With higher energy.  The earth would slow down and we can repeat this with a lot of low energy matter.  What the result is a lot of high energy matter generated, and the earth slowing down enough to be captured in the dweller plane.

It's amazing how this analogy can be easily expanded to include other phenomenon in quantum or wave particle physics.  Give it a try, give me a mention so people can look at the original document.

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