My Belief:  On God.


By: Michael Chungkun Chen

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            In every person, there are set views and beliefs that are held dear to him, and give him meaning and a purpose in life.  He may subscribe to the major religions and follow them rigorously, or he may diverge onto a new isolated path.  This philosophy may not be well established, it may not be new; but I call this philosophy my own.  I write this to allow others to be able to peer into my mind and understand what I truly believe.


            Is there a God?  What is God?  Is God a being like you and me, or is God a supreme force like gravity or nature?  Who is God?  Where is God?  There are many questions about God and one can develop beliefs and faith in order to satisfy these questions.


            Lets first establish why I believe so firmly that there is a God.  According to many, most even, religious beliefs, there IS a God.  God created man, God created earth, and life, and gave man fire and a brain.  Faith produces a God because of so many miraculous things that happen in this world.  On the other hand Science has no firm say on God.  I strongly believe in science and proof.  There is enough evidence in this universe for me to say that I believe strongly that there is a God.


            First, lets take a look on the most popular theory on how the universe began.  The “Big Bang” theory states that in the beginning, the universe fit in a space no larger than a pinhead.  At one point in time, the universe began with a big bang and all the matter expanded at unbelievable speeds outwards.  Soon stars came into existence, and from them planets.  While time marched forward (a very human concept) the universe continued to expand, even now this continues as you read.  What caused this to happen?  A force.  What is this force?  God.


            Even before the beginning God existed.  God caused the universe to come into being; God caused stars, planets, asteroids, and matter.  God is a force that can create, mold and shape.  We can also see other forces such as gravity, nature, time, and energy.  Where did they come from?  Why do they exist?  They exist because they are God.  All forces are God, what else can they be?  Sure they have other names and can be explained away, but they are no less God than forces that are mysterious and unknown.


            God exists and God is a force that much I can argue, but is God sentient that I do not know.  I have a gut feeling that God is aware and benign, but I do not know if that is just my need for comfort nudging me, or if I have an instinctual sense of reality.  My life so far gives me evidence to justify my belief that God is sentient and benign, and I am one of the many that he favors.


            Now comes the question on who and where God is.  Quoting from a well-written novel, Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert A. Heilein, “Thou art God…. You Grok God.”  Each and every one of us is God.  We all have the potential within us.  How can you explain the complicated process in which we live and grow, how our cells replicate, how our genes are expressed differently depending on where it is.  How are we able to have such a complicated process such as thought and understanding?  I am not proposing that all this is a miracle and does not have a scientific explanation.  Much of it does, but it does not take away the fact that something this complicated exists.  Because of the fact that we exist, we are ultimately God.


            Earlier I have argued that God is a force, how then can I attribute each and every human individual as being a God?  Simple, each and every being has to some degree the ability to affect the environment in some way.  We are in our very selves little forces of mankind, and together as a race, we are one of the most powerful forces.  Mankind has climbed to new heights daring to challenge forces such as nature and energy.  We stop the winds from making us cold, we stop the sun from making us hot, we stop the air and water from making us sick, we stop beasts from killing us.  What a powerful force we are.


            As we realize that all humans are God, we can further extend this relationship to animals, to trees, and even to rivers and rocks.  In the end all that exists is God.


            As God everyone is capable of influencing the other aspects of God.  This is where paranormal phenomenon comes from.  All it takes is a simple realignment of self to the aspect of God that is to be affected and then a simple urge will bring about the event.  How can we move our bodies?  How can we run?  What causes my fingers to tap at these keys?  A simple desire to do these things and the effort to do them makes it happen.  Everyone can move their arms and legs; we are attuned to these bodies.  A simple readjustment can allow people to move inanimate objects at their will.


            These things are hard to do, which is a fortunate thing.  Despite the fact that all is God to some degree or another, that fact alone does not make everything wise as God is reputed to be.  Though we all share a single core of entity, the physical world has torn apart the strong core, and we are all isolated from one another.  In our blind belief that all is about individual, we become careless at how we wield our physical powers.  A nuke here, and a nuke there; just one more nuke and we’ll be done.  We are one race, and we should start acting like one before a foreign being comes along and makes us all slaves, despite the fact that the alien would also be God.  These physical bodies have caused us to loose sight of ourselves, what would separate planets and galaxies or even universes do?


            I write this in hopes of making my psychology a tad more senseful, so people may one day see that I am not just a psychotic guy having a mid-life crisis.


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