Notes on time:

Dimensional time. When travelling back to the past you are only slipping into another dimension in which the time happens to be present. If we consider the multi chained universe where every event that can happen does happen, and we are only occupying one event-line. Time travel has no paradox. If and when we alter the events of the past through time travel, that is just part of the multi chain growing new leafs. Whatever actions taken when time travelling into the past will not affect the present (the point of origination). Each event that was changed in the past would simply shift your traversal of the event-line to the appropriate one, because everything has already happened. So when returning we would return to another event-line. Think of altering the past as if we were remaping the event-lines. Since everything that happens happens, we change nothing. When we return we return to another event line.

Lets take the example of going back into time and altering the past in such a way that we don't go back in time. Lets say I invented a time machine, I travel back to my past and accidentally kill myself. The paradox most people will note is that I would not exists to create the time machine and can not travel back in time to kill myself. But if I don't get killed in the past then I do invent the machine and kill myself. Answer to this paradox is that when I killed myself it did make this event line have the property of me not inventing the machine and killing myself. But I am from another event line, so I still exist and kill myself. When I return to the future what happens then? Basically killing myself switched my own event line to that of the one where I don't travel back in time. So when I return I would be long dead and me and my time machine would be a foreign entity to that event-line. Of course I would still exists and I would interact with that event-line. What happens whith the evenline that I originally came from? Because I switched eventlines, I would not return there(in experience). Of course the that event line would spawn more event lines, one where I didn't return back to. And one where I did return to(in substitution). But I would not be experiencing that me because it is only a spacer, book mark, or something to take my place. But it is me.. I just don't experience that.

From these thoughts I compiled that there are infinite me's, and of infinite variations. And I am or am not at infinite places, during infinite ranges of times. The eventlines increase exponentially exponential as time passes.

Which life am I living? Each me has a point of origin. All me's of variying degrees have a point of origin. But there are infinite to the infinite me's appearing in the eventlines (assuming time travel possible). But certain me's are the same single me just after time happens. Of course when a new event line is spawned a whole new set of things are spawned too. That means I would also be spawned. So this infinite of me's is matched by the infinite spawns. Each of these me's must have an origin. The eventlines must already have been mapped out. Since everything is possible, everything has happened. So the event lines must already be mapped and static. Unless all events and conditions float around chaotically and link up with other comatible eventconditions when they collide and then they bounce away... This would be the chaotic eventcondition theory. We are only dealing with the Event-line theory. I am aware of only one me at each moment. But every me is aware of myself. What determines which me the awareness follows in the event of an event line spawning? In actuality both me's gains an spawned awareness. It is random chaotic chance that determines which eventline that I am in now.

Such spawning of infinites would occupy so much space. Where is all of it contained. It is all located in the same space. That is why they are called dimensions. After the 3 if we added another we would be able to fit infinite other ones into it. Since each dimension is infinite.

I'm bored of this.

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