Thought Terms


Word list of terms to describe thought.


Thought Resolution Depth

Thought Velocity

Thought Acceleration

Thought Stream

Thought Object




Thought Space

Thought Energy

Thought Plane


The lack of clarity and focus of thought can be attributed to many factors, for example, fatigue, lack of consciousness, distraction, restlessness, etc.  All the factors can be subdivided into two groups, fatigue and distraction.


When we are fatigued our minds are basically imbalanced in neurotransmitters, either we have to many inhibitor neurotransmitters that is not dissipating at a fast enough rate, or the axons are low on excitory neurotransmitters.  This condition may come from many different situations, either we have been continuously thinking for too long, our thought velocity was too high, causing our neurotransmitters to be used really fast,  or we have not allotted enough time to recover between thoughts.


To counteract the fatigue, certain steps can be taken; stop thinking and rest.  This can be done through meditation and sleep.  We can decrease our thought velocity, which can be accomplished by changing our thought activity to something that has a lower thought velocity.  Such as stop reading a research paper and watch tv.  Stop playing chess and play music.  Stop doing math or science homework and play starcraft and quake.  We can also increase resting time between thoughts, or trains of thoughts.  This can be done by forcing ourselves to think at a slower velocity.  Inserting pauses between one idea and the next.  Sometimes this happens naturally and we can notice that we are not really focusing on something, and it is hard to keep a train of thought.  This is because the train is separated by such a long pause, by the time the next thought comes along, the previous thought is forgotten and the two thoughts to not associate, and there is no synergy of thoughts.


Now there is also the other category, distractions.  In this case our minds are more interested in a distraction object or thought.  Either an external object or event, or an internal thought catches our attention and draws it away from what we were thinking.


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