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Since the physics of any story would depend on the story itself. Especially when integrating magic, nothing I say would be the absolute truth. But I like to conjecture.

Lets say in a certain story world, magic exists. In this world magic is just another force. Maybe this magic is part of the EMM spectrum (electro-magnetic-magical spectrum).

And as the E field is perpendicular to its direction of travel so is the magnetic field. And the magnetic field is also perpendicular to the electric field. Magic also travels perpendicular to the E field, the Magnetic field, and it's direction of travel. (note this would require a fourth dimension in space)

Now since magic resides in the 4th spatial dimension (not including time which is the first temporal dimension) no scientific instruments can detect it since it cannot pierce the 3 spatial dimensions.

Now humans having a 3 dimensional body, along with a multidimensional mind (some theories and philosophies use this model) can in effect see past the 3 spatial dimensions, giving the effect of aurora reading, and other magic sight abilities.

Also because of the multidimensional mind, humans can alter the flow of the magic field, thereby altering EMM flow. The simplest magics would be illusions since all that would be needed is to alter the EMM flow so what others see is just light bent by the magic wielder.

A harder spell would be matter displacement. For this we would need to create forces. And we all know that a EM field can apply force to electrical or magnetic particles. So a EMM field can most likely move anything, charged, magnetic, or have magic properties.

Let us now examine the properties of matter. For it is made of protons, neutrons, and electrons. The imbalance of electrons and protons give it charge, the movements of electrons give it magnetic properties. And we can attribute the resting energy of an atom to the magical fields. Why else would electrons orbit forever around a nucleus when the gravitational, and nuclear weak force keeps attracting it. The velocity can keep it at that orbit, but what is to say that the base electron would not give off it's last quanta of energy and fall into the nucleus? I say it is the magic field.

Now we have the tools to build a world full of magic while it is scientific and logical.

Now we must explain why can't everyone use magic. Think of the explanation as a collarary to explaining color to a blind man. Imagine a group of babies wearing blindfolds since birth until they were 10 years old or so. (Assuming their retina's did not atrophy, and their brains wired their eyes up for vision[which wouldn't happen]) When two or three of the kids has their blind folds taken off, they can now see color, and can learn what color is. While the other children would still have no concept to what color really is. They can talk about it, but not truly experience it. Or use it effectively in a painting.

Magic is like this. Everyone is veiled at birth. Some are more than veiled, and are actually magic blind. Until some event, allows them to break through the veil, they won't learn magic.

Now the world contains many magically blind. And those who aren't can have magically inclined children. The veil is always there, but magical parents would most likely use their magic so much, and on the baby, that the veil is lifted and the baby can see magic early on.

I bet magic genes are recessive. (this would allow kids of two non magic people to have magic from 0 to 1/4 to 1/2 chance depending on the genetics of the parents) (two magic people must have magic kids.) (a magic and non magic parent would have a kid with 1/2 chance of having magic.) 

Now magic and technology.
A little magic (some minor spells, a few medium ones, and no major spells) would probably be safe to use around electrical equipment. Too much magicking would cause computers to malfunction and stuff unless you shield it well. But the right spells can still bore through it.

Electricity running simple appliances, like lights and refrigerator can probably withstand medium magic use (lots of minor spells, some medium one, and a rare major spell) Since electricity flow can be disrupted but is not as sensitive to magic. Maybe during a major spell, the lights would go out, or the appliance would stop running. (Hey that explains some sťance effects!)

Now with heavy magical use, I would doubt that any normal shielding can protect anything using electricity. We'll experience surges and blackouts all the time. They will need more than simple faraday cages.. Something like a magic conducting material (gold?), with a magic drain or magic drain spell connected to it, this would probably absorb enough of the magic static, and allow the faraday cage to absorb the small amount of EMM radiation that passes through.

Now we can see why spell casters usually use weird materials for spells, they probably have different magical conducting properties, or sources or drains, and the spells are really directions on how to direct the magic currents to form a spell. That is why the mages must understand the language of the spell.

Wow, I guess this is my dissertation on magic. It might be a bunch of crap, but it actually makes sense to me :) if you want to use this world, go ahead, if you have questions about magic in this world, just ask.


Just doing what I love, conjecturing, and letting my imagination run wild with a flavor of science built in.

And as to a magic spell to protect electrical devices. Yes it is very possible, and I would think it to be necessary. Even when I was drifting off to sleep after I wrote that stuff I was thinking about it. Basically we would need to charm a magically conducting material with a magic ground spell. This would ensure all magical energies that tries to pass through the material is conducted and absorbed to the ground. It's sort of like a magic charm for computers :)

Without the charm I guess you can still do it. We can try casting a spell that nulls magic around a certain object. But I'm afraid without the conducting material, this magic spell is temporary, as it would require an enormous amount of magic energy to maintain. I mean it would be like setting up magic grounding sites all around the computer.

But I suppose nothing is impossible, if one can find or create a self maintaining drain, a couple of those would be able to maintain itself and shield the equipment.

And in a sense the Zero Point Energy was what I was thinking of as magic, I didn't want to say it because I didn't know how many people would find it credible.

But ZPE is what keeps electrons orbiting the atom, and gives it its vibrational energy. And ZPE is hard to detect or measure. This sort of coincides with the magic field energy.

What more, ZPE is abundant and all around us. Which means magic can be used anywhere, and there is no limit. Of course certain physical structures have magical resonances, and can focus magical energies, just as musical instruments or lenses and mirrors can affect air and light.

The only reason I would guess why matter might take a little bit more effort or concentration, is the magnitude of energy needed to manipulate it. To alter light waves, all you have to do is gently guide it's direction with the right magic fields. 

To alter matter trajectories, you need enough magic power to generate a field strong enough to counteract the gravitational force, and any frictional/air resistance that we encounter.

And to transmute matter, we would need enough power to be able break the strong and weak nuclear bonds, which is on a magnitude greater than the gravitational, electric, or magnetic forces.

And to annihilate matter, we need enough energy to nullify all the ZPE surrounding a particular atom, which would require a great deal of magic.

Of course the amount of magic surrounding us is sufficient for all these tasks, the only limitation is the individual's level of focus, concentration, and endurance. I'm sure that the mind would take a lot of energy to perform harder and harder kinds of magic. And afterwards it would be draining to the person.

And wizards would get more and more used to the strains of this kind of magic and they would develop "magical muscles" for the lack of a better term.


Yeah I was speaking in general too no necessarily relating to the Harry potter world. But are squibs rare? if so then they might just be mutations, and the genes can still be recessive.

And I guess I still disagree with the hardness of doing magic. If it were all Zero Point Fields, sure everything is fundamentally the same, but I figure that the more macroscopic the change the mind is to make, the more concentration needed to keep track of things.

Basically this is how I have thought it to be. The mind alters the direction of one harmonic of ZPE. It causes small changes in the EM fields.. (deflecting light)

The mind alters the directions of 50 harmonics of ZPE, in 20 different directions, causes enough ZPE deflections to deflect matter.

The mind alters the directions of 1000 harmonics of ZPE, in 100 different directions, causes enough ZPE deflection to release matter from it's solid form into energy and then to another form of solid.

So there is enough energy for all sorts of complex spells, and energy really isn't an issue, but my thought on the limitation was the ability for a person to concentrate and keep track of the ZPE harmonics through the course of the spell. Of course this ability might also be a subconscious thing.

Hmmm I guess the main reason why I am so stubborn is because there has to be a way for people to have differing levels of magic abilities. Which can be increased by more training. I mean if everyone can do the same thing, then I guess it just doesn't make sense to me...

What do you think?

Ok I wrote this next part first but now it doesn't make fit with the other stuff I wrote and I don't want to erase it, and it has little to do with magic heh...

Everything in the world is energy, however matter consists of massive amounts of energy. From the equations of Einstein E=mc^2. The energy of light is based on it's wavelength. The energy of matter is based on it's mass.

I had the idea that all matter was really light. Electrons appear random and fuzzy in 3 dimensions, but in higher dimensions, electrons might be moving in a high dimensional sphere. And light was really a electron moving in a high dimensional straight line. hence particle wave behavior. But wait I think I'm going off track... :)

*New Part 2005-04-12*

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