Interesting Projects

DJVU Interface Perl CGI, MySQL web based interface to browse, manage, and extract clipart from library formats such as DJVU. Handles user management, clip management, and content caching and backups
UCLA Access Control Online Scheduling Program Web based ASP client using Microsoft Access for workers to request weekly schedules, and for the supervisor to autogenerate schedules using simple AI, with possible tweaking of the schedule to suit special circumstances
TAR interface Web based ASP client using Microsoft Access to track Technical Assistance Requests for company Sapient
Compiler Compiler for an arbitrary programming language CPAL(c, pascal hybrid) to compile into jasmine code(similar to java byte code), Using flex, yacc and gcc
Kernel Page fault counter implemented as kernel function, recompiled linux kernel to add the kernel system call
Shell Linux Shell program, simple, input and output redirection, pipe handling, background forking
FAT Recursive LS, reads raw FAT disks and decodes contents to recursively display the file structure.
AI Tree searches in lisp, best first, A star, idA star searches
LSA using SVD Latent Semantic Analysis using Singular Value Decomposition
TCP/UDP IP packet analyzer, analyzes packets sent via the TCP and UDP protocols
HTTP Simple HTTP server and client, allows retrieval of files using the HTTP protocol
OpenGL Script rasterizing program, reads a script with graphical commands and displays resulting graphics on screen, implemented certain graphical shading and drawing algorithms as learning excercise
Markov Chain Simulation queueing simulation and analysis
AM2900 AM2900 processor, control circuit, and associated software compiler done at circuit level
Modem Modulate and demodulate bits over a line to transmit and receive data, on FPGA over wires
Logic Circuits Multipliers and adders using logic gates
PACMAN Text based pacman clone game using an assembly level language called CUSP
CuteDB Small database for books using schema lisp
Tree Class Balanced binary tree class in C++
URSA Minor Class enrollment system in C++

Graduate Projects

Animats AI, animat behavior using genetic algorithms, study of bug hunting and mating
Variable Time Adder Analysis and tool for the different possible design of variable time adders
FPGA flow map Analyzed different FPGA flow map times with different cuts

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